cover_plasticoThe Portuguese vocal acrobat is currently venturing in new fields with the formation OGRE: Maria João’s new CD Plástico (release date D-A-CH on 04.09.2015, Espuma Preta / O-Tone Music / Edel Kultur) is a hybrid of jazz and electronics, leaving all musical genre boundaries behind. A sound between the digital and analog world, held together by an extraordinary voice.

Tesi_4c_2007_03_kleinThe Italian keyboard wizard Riccardo Tesi brings the classics of the Italian folk revival to life with Bella Ciao (Visage Music) – in collaboration with the great Italian female voices of Lucilla Galeazzi, Elena Ledda and Ginevra di Marco.




The first six months of this year have been a time of farewells:

At the beginning of April Juan Carlos Cáceres lost the fight against his cancer, and in May Renato Borghetti’s duo partner Artur Bonilla died in a car accident in Brazil, just after the return from his first successful tour in Europe.

The international accordion collective Samurai have stopped working together, and we have ended our collaboration with Martin Lubenov und Maja Osojnik.


The old lion has left us.
On the morning of past Easter Sunday April 5, the Argentinian-French pianist, singer, composer, painter and ethnomusicologist Juan Carlos Cáceres died in his home in Paris. „Tango Negro“ was the main topic of his music and research work. Born 1936 in Buenos Aires, Cáceres has dedicated his oeuvre to the black soul of Tango that tends to be forgotten and repressed in Argentina. Since 1968 he has been living in Paris, adding a touch of French elegance to the genre. His rhythmical piano style and throaty voice fascinated young and old audiences alike. Intolarant towards all orthodoxies, especially those of Tango, Caceres has created his own musical universe where Jazz and Tango mingle. Always dissident and rebellious, he was first a jazz ambassador in the land of Tango and then a Tango missionary in Europe.
Adios Maestro, R.I.P.


The King of Balkan Swing is back!
Good news for all fans of Martin Lubenov: 2015 will be the release year of two new albums. The first one – IMPRESSIONS by Martin Lubenov‘s Jazzta Prasta – will be presented live this Saturday March 7 at the International Vienna Accordion Festival and officially released by the renowned Swiss jazz label UNIT RECORDS on April 17. The next CD “Don’t Worry Be Gypsy” by Martin Lubenov Orkestar, is due in September.

Samuraï Accordion (Finland/Ireland/Italy/Spain)

The Ultimate Squeezebox Experience

The name’ Samurai’ is no coincidence, nor is TE or 手 (Japanese for “hand”) as an album title. It is a look at ancestral Japan, at our collective imagination. The Samurai was a noble warrior at the service of a cause, as these 5 magnificent musicians are, at the service of the accordion, in order to give it all its ‘ letters’ of nobility.It is necessary to be body and soul at the service of the instrument to reach this level of virtuosity, finesse and musicality. These five have done so and this new opus shows us how the breath produced by such hands is clever, stealthy, fine, expressive, contemporary and traditional, strong, powerful, always in the right place, surprising…. Quite an art… The Samurai in Japan was a master in the art of warfare, our Samurai are masters in the art of music, a sacred battle!

This fabulous talent-studded programme – with some slight line up changes since their first album – includes no less than five of the most dazzling exponents of the squeezebox in Europe. They have all made a huge contribution to advancing the cause of the diatonic accordion, each in their own sphere: Riccardo Tesi from Tuscnay is the grey eminence of the new Italian musica popolare. He represents the rise of Italian folklore in the seventies, whereas Simone Botasso is one the most important exponents of the young contemporary Italian scene. Highly energetic Kepa Junkera from the Pyrenees has completely renewed the accordion on the crossroad between France and Spain. Markku Lepistö belongs to the most renowned virtuosos of Finnish folk music and teaches at Sibelius Academy in Helsinki, and Irish grandee David Munelly has toured around the world with the most important groups of more or less traditional Irish music.

In common with the characters pervading the imaginary universe of the Japanese, these players have succeeded in combining a variety of styles to create a bold and expressive musical experience. Ingeniously melodic, brilliantly tonal, an invitation to savour an intimate atmosphere or relish a session of wild dancing: these musicians with an impressive list of credentials offer us a spectacular and extremely beguiling event.

Line up from 2017

Simone Bottasso (Italy)
Kepa Junkera (Spain)
Markku Lepistö (Finland)
David Munnelly (Ireland)
Riccardo Tesi (Italy)


2017 TÉ, Visage Music/Galileo MC
2011 Accordion Samurai,


2011 Grand Prix International du Disque de l’Académie Charles Cros, Paris (F)
2012 Octaves de la Musique, Brussels (B)


There are only five, not seven, accordion Samurai; they are, however, maginificent.
Songlines, UK

As you might expect there is some wonderfully sparkling virtuoso playing, but the frequent change of tempo, timbre and mood help to maintain interest.
fRoots, UK

TE’ combines a variety of styles to create an inclusive and engaging aural experience that fluctuates between reflective and robust, and ranges from lushly melodic and tonal to wheezily rhythmic.
Tony Hillier on the Australian Press


“Belem” is the latest duo project by Belgian accordionist Didier Laloy and violoncellist Kathy Adam. Their debut album will be released by the Belgian high quality Until then you can always have a look at the great video “Belem – Locked Doors Won’t Stop the Music”. In November Didier will be on a long tour through 16 major cities in China. And if you happen to be in Germany at the end of January, come and visit the tradefair Internationalen Kulturbörse in Freiburg (26.-29.01.2015) – Didier Laloy has been selected for a showcase with his trio S-Tres.


On September 23, 2013 “Jazzta Prasta or Where are the Bulgarian Notes” (Andrey Slabakov, Camera Film Sofia, 2009), the documentary on Bulgarian accordion virtuoso Martin Lubenov, was awarded Best Film at the 16th edition of Mediterraneo Video Festival in Agropoli near Salerno (Italy). According to the jury the award was granted due to “the relevance of the topic, the insight into the little known world of traditional gypsy music, the focus on the reality of Central Europe, from the outskirts of Sofia to the distant Pakistan, accompanied by accordionist Martin Lubenov.”