BELEM & the MeKanics

Didier Laloy presents his new spectacular project

For  many centuries mankind has been dreaming and building machines, also Leonardo da Vinci wanted to fly. Together with Belgian avantgarde composer and sound inventor Walter Hus, Didier Laloy in his latest adventure takes mechanical music to its extremes.  BELEM, the success duo with Didier Laloy on accordion and  Kathy Adam on cello, meets a mechanical orchestra of the Belgian brand DECAP, programmed and digitally operated by Walter Hus and remindung us of the historical ancestors of the jukebox that were extremely popular (not only) in Belgium and Northern France.  The organs, the “Mekanics”, sing like little birds, then again they sound like a whole orchestra, a drumset and an accordion play alone as if by magic. The result is breathtaking – a unique sound between popular, contemporary and film music with fellinian flavour. Belem&The Mekanics is an extraordinary experience that will take you far beyond a concert, submerging the audience in the centre of a majestic sound  swirl. The album Belem & The Mekanics was released in November 2017  and presented in two sold out and enthusiastically acclaimed concert series in Brussels and Paris.

Didier Laloy – diatonic accordion
Kathy Adam – cello
Walter Hus – The Mekanics programming
Didier Laloy & Walter Hus – composition, arrangements



“Belem” is the latest duo project by Belgian accordionist Didier Laloy and violoncellist Kathy Adam. Their debut album will be released by the Belgian high quality Until then you can always have a look at the great video “Belem – Locked Doors Won’t Stop the Music”. In November Didier will be on a long tour through 16 major cities in China. And if you happen to be in Germany at the end of January, come and visit the tradefair Internationalen Kulturbörse in Freiburg (26.-29.01.2015) – Didier Laloy has been selected for a showcase with his trio S-Tres.