Passion Meets Profession

Sabina Schebrak

It probably all started many years ago as a young student in Innsbruck, when I fell in love with a group of fiery street musicians from Sicily. I immediately invited them to stay at my shared flat and soon after started taking my first steps as their Austrian agent. During the following years I became a passionate cultural manager and networker in the field of art factories and international exchange, but I always stayed true to my first great love for languages, travelling and discovering exciting music. In 2003, when I decided to work as a freelancer, it was quite a logical step to found my own agency – and to start the daring experiment of promoting my favourite music as a business model.

Over the years CultureWorks has developed into an agency for exquisite sounds from the borderlands between contemporary folk, jazz and chamber music, dedicated to touring and concert production in Europe and beyond. We love accordion and music from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Latin America – and anything that is inspiring, passionate, original!

Sabina Schebrak, founder and owner of CultureWorks Agency

Music Management & More

CultureWorks offers support in various fields of music production, communication and project management:

  • Artist management
  • Tour booking and production
  • Project & Event management
  • Programme consulting
  • Press & Public Relations
  • Translation

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