Bevano Est

Il Dolce Rumore della Vita

Benavo Est
Presskit: Download
Origin: Italy
Booking: Sabina Schebrak
Territories: worldwide


18/07/24 Donnerszenen Klagenfurt Austria


Bevano is the name of a river in the Italian region of Romagna, flowing into the ocean at one of the last unspoilt  coastal regions of the Adriatic Sea.
Bevano Est is a motorway service area, a non-place far from reality where all kinds of people and objects meet.

Bevano Est is a musical project founded in 1991. A lineup of traditional instruments delivering original compositions full of subtle irony and tenderness. On a theatre stage they will lollop untidily, in an osteria they will demand all your attention, and on the piazza they will invite you to dance. A sound that boldly screens the world, happily convinced of the idea that art is no closed system but the centre of countless relationships. Music for body and soul, full of tenderness and fury, full of melancholy and joy.

Apart from their sparkling and intense live shows Bevano Est write film soundtracks and compose scores for Italian directors such as Giuseppe Bertolucci and Ermanno Olmi. At the 2019 Brooklyn Film Festival they won the Best Soundtrack Award for Kristian Gianfreda’s Solo Cose Belle. In 2020 they released the album Cinque Racconti d’Estate based on the theatre piece Preludi d’Amore by Italian actor, scenographer and environmental activist Luigi d’Elia.

Line Up

Stefano Delvecchio – diatonic accordion, vocals
Davide Castiglia – violin
Giampiero Cignani – clarinet, bass clarinet


2020 Cinque Racconti di Fine Estate, CD Bevano Est & Luigi d’Elia
2012 E-Ventone , A14, DVD Bevano Est Concerto
2010 Bevano Est, A14, CD Bevano Est Live
2004 Ramingo, A14, CD Bevano Est
1999 Il dolce rumore della vita, Sony, CD Soundtrack
1998 Ludla, Scuola di Musica Popolare, CD Bevano Est
1998 Corone, Scuola di Musica Popolare/Musica in campo, CD Bevano Est
1995 Fuoco Centrale, Teatro Valdoca, CD Bevano Est
1993 Gradisca, Ribium Record/Scuola di Musica Popolare, CD Bevano Est


“Rural and refined are two terms that perfectly match this ensemble. Bevano Est keep the drive, the dance and the desire for boundlessness of folk music,  blend it with the influence of contemporary masters and make it unique through the grace of their compositions.”
Mariangela Gualtieri, Italian poet and writer
“Rich sonorities with echoes from folk and jazz, refusing any easy categorization – this is what makes this ensemble so special…. Old souls knowing about the real good.”
Michele Parcarella, Italian music and theatre critic

“Their music is pervedad by something romantic, now and then accompanied by subtle irony. Bevano Est bring back to us what we had thought lost forever in the mutilations of the modern ego.”
Marina Belke, Berlin, DE