Fanfara Station

Maghreb Brass Dance Party

Presskit: Download
Origin: Italy, Tunisia, USA
Booking Territory: Austria, Germany
In collaboration with Musicastrada
Booking Contact: Sabina Schebrak

Upcoming Shows

28/07/24 Bardentreffen Nürnberg Germany


Fanfara Station is a trance-inducing celebration with a brass band, an entire North African rhythm section and pumping electro dance beats setting the pace – all created by just three musicians, thanks to some skillful use of loop stations and live overdubbing of an arsenal of instruments. Inspired by singer, composer, woodwind wielder and noted percussionist, Marzouk Mejri’s memories of his father’s brass band in Tunisia, the Naples and Florence based trio set out to build their own. Kentucky-born trumpeter and trombonist Charles Ferris layers up the loops and drops glittering improvisational flourishes while master programmer Ghiaccioli & Branzini directs the dance-floor dynamics. Three international Italians, one based in Naples and the other two in Florence Tuscany, Fanfara Station pay tribute to the epic feats of the Mediterranean’s migrants, the musical cultures of the African diaspora and southern Europe’s ancient links to the Middle East, the Maghreb and the Americas.

Line Up

Marzouk Mejri – vocals, percussion, Tunisian winds, clarinet, loops
Charles Ferris – trumpet, trombone, loops
Ghiaccioli e Branzini – electronics and programming


2022 Boussadia (Garrincha Go Go)
2018 Tebourba (Agualoca Records)


2022 Official Showcase Tallin Music Week (Tallin)
2021 Official Showcase Global Toronto (Toronto)
2020 Official Showcase Womex (Budapest)
2019 Premio Andrea Parodi


“Warm rhythms and hypnotic sounds… the ultimate dance album for your next party”.
Luminous Dash, BE

“These eight tracks will do more for you than the recommendation of any e-doctor of the suicidal new economy…. “Boussadia” or the art of going light.”
À Découvrir absolument, FR

“North African flute and drum madness meets sensitive brass lines and Italian DJ skills…. Whether you read this as ambitious folk, special avant-dance-floor stuff or functional crossover doesn’t really matter, because what counts is the music. And the music on “Boussadia” is simply swell!”
Westzeit, DE

“North African sounds meet a brass band and mix with electro and breakbeats to create an overall sound that is both modern and exotic…. Here and there it sounds a bit jazzy, but much more often like street music, wild, revolutionary and danceable at the same time.”
Blueprint, DE

“James Bond-like arcs of suspense combine indigenous mysticism with Western sobriety… Should the film “The Man with the Golden Gun” need a modern soundtrack to evoke the sombre Jamaican voodoo funeral atmosphere, the Dixieland wine orchestra Fanfara Station would be the appropriate candidate.”
Written in Music, NL